In The Spotlight: Lindsey Phillips – General Manager, Social Media and Internal Communications

Who are you and what is your role at and Jet2holidays?
Hi, I’m Lindsey Phillips and I work in the marketing department as General Manager, Social Media and Internal Communications. I started here in November 2019 and had only been here a few months before the pandemic hit so it’s certainly been an interesting time. I’m responsible for our organic social media pages as well as more recently taking over the responsibility of our internal communications. I’ve got a great team behind me and they’ve been working tirelessly and achieved great things so couldn’t be more proud!

What do you love most about working at
It’s definitely got to be the passion and attitude of everyone who works here, people really want to do the right thing and help support you. This was really apparent last year through the pandemic, we had people from all areas of the business helping support us on social media and when it came to customer sentiment it really paid off. We consistently beat our competitors and gained our customers’ trust which will hopefully mean they will come back to us when it comes to booking their next much-needed holiday.

How have you been surviving the latest lockdown?
Wow this lockdown has been a toughy hasn’t it? A real rollercoaster! I think it’s important to acknowledge that you’ll have good days and bad days and not to beat yourself up if you have a bad day. Also it’s about finding those coping mechanisms, those things that help you deal with stress and pressure. I moved into a new house in November, it took us 5 months to get in so was stressful at the time, but now we’re in it’s been a godsend as it’s kept me really busy. My latest pastime and way to de-stress is gardening. I’ve never actually had a proper garden in my adult life as I’ve always lived in flats, so it’s such a novelty for me and I can’t wait for the warm weather so I can spend more time out there (and how bloomin’ expensive are plants?? I never knew!). I’ve also treated myself and signed up to a regular flower delivery. I use one called Freddies Flowers but there are loads of others available. I find having a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers on my dining table brings me lots of joy! I kept dropping hints to my other half, Paul, about it but that didn’t work so I decided to take things into my own hands and subscribe to one. You can see some of the gorgeous flowers here, they never fail to brighten up my day!

Settle the debate – beach holiday or city break?
This is such a tough decision as I also love a good skiing holiday, so my answer to “beach, city or mountain?” is just to do them all!. I tend to have a beach/sun holiday with my family every year, we’ve been all over Spain, Croatia, Portugal, and then will often have shorter city breaks with my friends (or even a cheeky trip to Ibiza as pictured here!). Last year I had booked to take Paul snow-boarding in Italy for the first time but that got cancelled due to the pandemic so we’re hoping to go next year instead, although I’ll probably stick to the skis rather than the board as I much prefer them!