Agadir 30.410547 -9.603512

Starting in October 2024, holidays to Agadir offer a perfect blend of sun, sea and captivating culture. With stunning beaches, vibrant souks and delicious Moroccan cuisine all at your fingertips, it’s no wonder it has holidaymakers returning year after year. Historic sites, thrilling water sports and luxurious hotels are all on offer too!

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Algarve 37.01795 -7.93083

The Algarve boasts more annual sunshine hours than Florida, so we offer our customers a choice of flights in every season! On hand and happy to help, we have a Team of Ground Operations colleagues and Overseas Reps based here.

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Alicante 38.2855 -0.5601

Alicante is our first international Base and launched in May 2013. Providing a warm, sunny welcome both onboard and on arrival into Alicante, we have our Pilot, Cabin Crew, Engineering, Ground Operations and a local team of Reps on hand to greet our customers!

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Almeria 36.83404 -2.46371
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Antalya 36.9043 30.8019

Sun-soaked Antalya is one of Turkey’s most scenic regions. Lengthy golden shores meet Vegas-style hotels at Lara Beach, while Belek is famed for its pro-level golf courses and upmarket atmosphere. Side and Perge reveal the rich Roman history of the area too.

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Athens 37.9838 23.7275
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Athens Coast 37.859195 23.746845
Athens Coast

Athen’s glittering coast is brand-new for Summer 2024, delivering chic resorts, cosmopolitan nightlife and a bounty of beaches. Holidaymakers can get ready to tick off centuries-old sights like the Temple of Poseidon on the southernmost tip of Cape Sounio, or stroll along the sun-kissed seafront of Glyfada.

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Barcelona 41.3032 2.0771

Barcelona is one of our most popular city destinations. We need our Ground Operations colleagues and Overseas Reps to look after our customers once they arrive, ensuring that they have the full and Jet2holidays experience.

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Belfast Airport 54.6619 -6.2178
Belfast Airport

This small, intimate base has been home to some of our friendliest colleagues since 2004. The camaraderie amongst the team extends to our customers, ensuring they receive that warm welcome and sense of fun that we are so proud of at

Each of our Pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineering and Ground Operations colleagues based here are on hand to ensure our customers reach a variety of fabulous destinations safely and on time, all the while making the experience a fantastic and memorable one.

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Benidorm 38.54105 -0.12249
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Birmingham Airport 52.4524 -1.7435
Birmingham Airport

Serving customers from Britain’s second largest city and the surrounding Midlands, we have big things lined up for Birmingham.

We also have some of our brand new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft operating from the base.

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Bodrum 37.2487 27.6640

Bodrum encapsulates the beauty of Turkey across both the city and surrounding region. It’s a place of medieval castles and yacht-lined charming marinas, while nearby Gumbet picks up the pace with its array of buzzing bars and clubs.

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Bourgas 42.50479 27.46263
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Bournemouth Airport 50.779297 -1.839878
Bournemouth Airport

Our 12th UK base, Bournemouth Airport, will help to serve even more of the South of England, including Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and the wider region.

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Bradford 53.79598 -1.75939
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Bristol Airport 51.376331828 -2.718163
Bristol Airport

Summer 2021 will be our first summer of operations from Bristol Airport, we will operate up to 56 weekly flights. A fleet of three based aircraft will fly our customers to a wide choice of destinations across Mainland Spain, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Portugal and Madeira.

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Budapest 47.49791 19.04023
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Chania 35.51382 24.01803
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Corfu 39.6019 19.9122

Being famous for its lush greenery and UNESCO- listed old town, Corfu attracts a wide range of holiday goers from groups of friends enjoying the non stop party scene in Kavos on the south of the Island to families looking for a beach break in Sidari in the North.

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Dalaman 36.7181 28.7933

A favourite for British holidaymakers for over 30 years, the region of Dalaman features some of Turkey’s most popular resorts. That includes Marmaris with its open-air bars and enticing restaurants, and Olu Deniz with its stunningly beautiful Blue Lagoon.

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Didim 37.37609 27.26472
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Dubrovnik 42.65066 18.09442
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East Midlands Airport 52.8294 -1.3321
East Midlands Airport

We launched our base at East Midlands Airport in May 2010. Proving the perfect touch point for a huge catchment area, we have experienced great success at East Midlands.

We offer flights to over 30 sun, city and ski destinations spanning the Canary Islands, Europe the Algarve and the Eastern Mediterranean. We have Pilots, Cabin Crew and our Ground Operations colleagues based here ensuring that our customers get to their destinations happy.

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Edinburgh Airport 55.9482 -3.3641
Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh was the sixth Base for and our first Scottish Base, reforming the connection we established way back in 1992 when operating as an airfreight company.

Our friendly approach certainly gets results thanks to our colleagues from the Pilot, Cabin Crew, Engineering and Ground Operations Teams. Each member provides that warm, Scottish welcome for our customers here, helping us win the Airline Customer Service Award for Edinburgh Airport at the Scottish Passenger Agents Association Awards 2013.

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Faro 37.01935 -7.93043

The Algarve boasts more annual sunshine hours than Florida, so we offer our customers a choice of flights in every season! On hand and happy to help, we have a Team of Ground Operations colleagues and Overseas Reps based here.

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Fethiye 36.65924 29.12634
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Fuerteventura 28.4504 -13.8697

The island of Fuerteventura is our most recent destination in the Canaries. It provides an excellent environment for our Ground Operations colleagues and Overseas Reps to provide that excellent and Jet2holidays service.

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Funchal 32.66693 -16.92405
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Girona 41.8982 2.7661

This classy Catalan city serves as a great gateway to the Costa Brava. It connects our customers with classic beach holiday resorts around the walled Old Town of Tossa de Mar, the chic café culture of Platja d’Aro and the lively bars and clubs of Lloret de Mar.

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Glasgow 55.8647 -4.4321

We now fly to over 20 destinations from Glasgow. As Glasgow continues to grow, we offer a wide choice of careers, including opportunities for pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineers and Ground Operations colleagues.
The fantastic effort of our team were recognized by the Scottish Passenger Agents Association, with winning ‘Best Holiday/Charter Airline’ at the SPAA awards in 2012 and 2013 and a special Airline Customer Service Award in 2013.

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Gran Canaria 27.9377 -15.3904
Gran Canaria

Our Base for the island is situated in Las Palmas, the capital and largest city in all of the Canaries. Also home to a specialist selection of our Overseas Reps, who offer service with a smile on behalf of Jet2holidays all year round.

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Halkidiki 40.36949 23.28708
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Hangar, Leeds Bradford Airport 53.86794 -1.66153
Hangar, Leeds Bradford Airport

The hangar at Leeds Bradford International Airport provides vital base maintenance facilities and takes on the challenge of maintaining a rapidly increasing fleet to a very high standard.

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Hangar, Manchester Airport 53.36388 -2.25809
Hangar, Manchester Airport
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Head Office, Leeds Bradford Airport 53.86794 -1.66153
Head Office, Leeds Bradford Airport
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Heraklion 35.3073 25.2531

The largest of the Greek Islands, Crete is famous for its blend of historical sites, beautiful beaches and laid back attitude. It attracts a wide range of holiday goers from groups of friends enjoying the non stop party scene in Malia to families looking for a beautiful beach break in Stalis.

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Ibiza 38.8766 1.3685

Famed for its glorious sandy beaches and hedonistic parties, Ibiza is home to a small team of Overseas Reps who are always ready to lend a helping hand to our customers, morning, noon or night!

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Izmir 38.42373 27.14282
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Jersey Airport 49.204832514 -2.190665
Jersey Airport
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Kalamata 37.03663 22.11437
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Kefalonia 38.1155 20.5256

The setting for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Kefalonia attracts couples and families looking for a relaxing holiday spending time exploring the beautiful beaches and caves the island has to offer.

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Kos 36.7942 27.0884

Famous for its blend of historical sites, beautiful beaches and laid back attitude Kos attracts a wide range of holiday goers from groups of friends enjoying the non stop party scene in Kardamena on the south of the Island to couples looking to explore the culture of Kos Town in the North East.

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Krakow 50.06465 19.94497
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Kusadasi 37.863077 27.251374
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Lanzarote 28.95 -13.6

Lanzarote provides something for everyone, including a bustling nightlife to discover once the sun goes down. We provide opportunities for Overseas Reps and Ground Operations colleagues to play a vital role in making our whole operation possible.

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Larnaca 34.8702 33.609

With stellar beaches, ancient ruins and one of the world’s party capitals, Larnaca attracts families looking for relaxing beach breaks in the sunshine, as well as groups of friends looking to enjoy the lively nightlife Ayia Napa has to offer.

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Leeds 53.80075 -1.54907
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Leeds Bradford Airport 53.868 -1.6591
Leeds Bradford Airport

The Base, where it all started back in February 2003 and now with a variety of careers here for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineers and Ground Operations to join our Team. It is also home to our operational Teams.
In addition, we have a new state-of-the-art Training Academy in Bradford, where all of our Pilot and Cabin Crew Training will take place.

In 2013, we began our move to Holiday House in Leeds City Centre, with many support Teams based here.

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Leeds City Centre 53.80075 -1.54907
Leeds City Centre

Holiday House is based in Leeds City Centre and is home to many of our Commercial Teams.

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Lefkas 38.70664 20.64072
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Lesvos 39.2645 26.2777
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Liverpool Airport 53.3351164 -2.8549208
Liverpool Airport

Our 11th base, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, is set to serve the enormous demand we know is out there from customers and independent travel agents across Liverpool, Merseyside and the wider region. As of Summer 2024, we’ll be operating up to 54 weekly flights to over 20 sunshine destinations

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London Stansted Airport 51.8883 0.2536
London Stansted Airport

We believe that London Stansted has great potential for our holiday business, serving the populations of North & East London, and the East of England.

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Malaga 36.669 -4.4823

Another of our incredibly popular Spanish destinations, our Ground Operations colleagues and Overseas Reps are on hand to provide a warm, Spanish welcome on our customers’ arrival! This provides us with a sense of excellent local knowledge.

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Malta 35.93749 14.37541
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Manchester Airport 53.3626 -2.2734
Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is the North’s busiest leisure airport, and is a natural selection in its role as our largest Base. Since launching here in 2004 we’ve enjoyed stunning success across the Lancashire region, with customers offered the choice of over 40 destinations.

The expansiveness of our operations at Manchester allow us to offer a wide range of career opportunities for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineering and Ground Operations colleagues to come and join us, and help us continue to grow.

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Marmaris 36.85493 28.27087
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Marrakech 31.620050 -7.967352

New for October 2024, our holidays to Marrakech promise an exotic escape, full of vibrant medinas, colourful souks and delights for all the senses. Architectural wonders like Bahia Palace are dotted across the city, while street markets and the lively Jemaa el-Fnaa square are on hand with all the delectable cuisine you could wish for.

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Menorca 39.8654 4.2257

Captivating and chilled-out, Menorca is a magnet for families and couples after a laid-back break. Beautiful beaches and azure waters ring this magical island, making it the perfect place to unwind and switch off.

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Naples 40.85179 14.26811
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Newcastle Airport 55.0375 -1.6917
Newcastle Airport

Since we launched our first route from Newcastle Airport to Murcia in October 2005, flights have proved to be massively successful. As the North East’s most popular airport, we now offer over 30 destinations from Newcastle.

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Palma Mallorca 39.5482 2.7301
Palma Mallorca

One of our largest and most popular destinations, Palma is also host to a team of Overseas Reps and Ground Operations colleagues who ensure that our customers are looked after from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

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Paphos 34.7194 32.4845

With stellar beaches, ancient ruins and lively resorts, Paphos attracts families looking for relaxing beach breaks in the sunshine, as well as couples looking to explore the ancient sites during the day and enjoy the lively nightlife of Paphos in the evening.

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Parga 39.28533 20.4005
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Porto 41.147760 -8.645640

We’re getting ready to take off to Porto from Summer 2025, where holidaymakers can enjoy Mediterranean sunshine nearly all year round. From UNESCO-stamped sights and superb dining spots to brilliant beaches and a cutting-edge art scene, this Portuguese plot has it all. The best part? The centre is relatively small, so it’s super easy to explore it all on foot.

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Preveza 38.95926 20.75171
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Protaras 35.00117 34.04743
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Pula 44.86662 13.84957

Pula and the Istrian Coast are ready to be explored from Summer 2025! Here, ancient attractions rub shoulders with modern resorts, meaning holidaymakers can experience a brilliant blend of old and new. There’s also a bounty of beaches, scrumptious cuisine and a captivating coastline to explore.

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Reus 41.1472 1.1669

The city of Reus is a beautiful place to visit and both Barcelona and the Costa Dorada are easily accessible. We provide opportunities for Ground Operations colleagues and Overseas Reps.

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Reykjavik 64.14658 -21.94263
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Rhodes 36.4053 28.0861

Famous for its blend of historical sites, beautiful beaches and laid back attitude Rhodes attracts a wide range of holiday goers from groups of friends enjoying the non stop party scene in Falaraki in the North of the Island to couples looking to explore the culture and beauty of Lindos in the South.

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Rome 41.90278 12.49636
Salzburg 47.80949 13.05501
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Santorini 36.39315 25.4615
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Sardinia 40.1209 9.0129
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Sheffield City Centre 53.37798 -1.47178
Sheffield City Centre
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Sicily 37.6000 14.0154
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Side 36.7769 31.3976
Skiathos 39.16352 23.49016
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Sliema 35.911 14.5029
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Split 43.508133 16.44019
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St Vlas 42.7134 27.75875
St Vlas
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Sunny Beach 42.68833 27.71391
Sunny Beach
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Symi 36.592426 27.830801

From Summer 2024, we’re taking off to the Dodecanese island of Symi. With its pastel-hued port and glittering waters, it looks as though it’s been plucked straight from a postcard. Days can be spent tucking into fresh seafood and swimming in tranquil bays, before embracing the island’s laidback evenings and watching the sun go down.

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Tenerife 28.0486 -16.577

Ever popular with our customers, Tenerife is home to a handful of knowledgeable Reps who ensure that their stay on the island is always a memorable one, ensuring they receive that fantastic Jet2holidays customer service, all year around.

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Tivat 42.43498 18.70663
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Turin 45.07033 7.68686
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Venice 45.44084 12.31551
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Verona 45.43838 10.99162
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Vienna 48.20817 16.37381
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Yeadon, Leeds 53.86515 -1.6842
Yeadon, Leeds
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Yorkshire 53.79154 -1.55189
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Zakynthos 37.7538 20.8838

From the legendary parties of Laganas to the family-friendly beach resorts, picture-postcard Zante’s got a something-for-everyone vibe. And that’s before we get started on its beauty spots – aquamarine caves, shipwrecks on beaches and nesting turtles are all on the cards here.

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