In the Spotlight: Adam Mulroy – Revenue Director

Who are you and what is your role at and Jet2holidays?
Hi, I’m Adam, Revenue Director for and Jet2holidays. I also chair the LetsJet2it communication group for Holiday House.

What do you love most about working at and Jet2holidays?
Working in travel means you never know what is coming next! We work in a fantastic industry. One of the things I love most though is the passion that colleagues show in making sure our customers have a great experience – this really sets us apart from the competition.

After a busy day how do you switch off?
I love to get out walking with the dog whatever the weather – you can’t beat a good bit of fresh air to clear the mind after a long day at work. A typical evening for us would be a dog walk, Peloton ride (I am now a Peloton fanatic!) followed by a good box set and maybe a nice glass of red.

Any tips on how our colleagues can unwind after work?
It’s so easy with Teams to stay online later than you planned, especially when you can see colleagues still online. However, it’s really important to step away and reset for the evening. Get out for a walk – the evenings are already getting a tiny bit longer, call a friend, or cook from scratch with the time you would have spent commuting in the old days. Try and avoid going from laptop screen to TV screen…. you’ll feel better for it if you achieve something in between!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
Eat more greens, more exercise and find time to read some good books.

Settle the debate – pineapple on a pizza?
There is no debate here, pineapple should socially distance and stay at least 2m away from pizza at all times, no exceptions. Talking of pizza, for those colleagues that live in North Leeds, we have recently discovered ‘Culto Italian’ who deliver. Possibly the best pizza I have ever had.