Updating your LinkedIn profile: How to get noticed

Whether you’re aiming for career advancement, networking opportunities, or simply showcasing your skills, keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is key!

Anna Mitchell is a Talent Sourcing Specialist here at Jet2.com & Jet2holidays and gives her top tips and a step-by-step guide on how to give your profile the makeover it deserves:

1. Choose a good profile and cover photo

Your profile and cover photo are the first things people see. Opt for high-quality, professional-looking photos that reflect your industry and personality. A friendly smile goes a long way in making connections feel at ease. Oh, and it goes without saying, choose a photo that is current and recognisable, not one from 10 years ago!

2. Make your headline more than just a job title

Instead of just your job title, add a punch of personality and include keywords that highlight your expertise to signpost what specific area you cover within the wider industry. Make it catchy and reflective of what you bring to the table.

3. Craft a compelling summary

Your summary is your chance to shine. A well-crafted LinkedIn summary is worth writing because it succinctly showcases your professional identity and your passions, it also highlights your achievements whilst telling your unique story. A good summary makes a memorable first impression, setting the tone for meaningful connections and future opportunities, so be sure to make it engaging to attract the right kind of people for your network.

4. Show off your experience

Time to flaunt those skills! Update your work experience with your current role and responsibilities. Focus on your accomplishments and quantify them where possible. Use action verbs to describe your contributions. These keywords will make your profile stand out to those on LinkedIn looking for people like you. For example, “I championed the implementation of a new, innovative digital marketing strategy, resulting in a 40% increase in brand visibility.” This action word implies leadership, initiative, and success in driving a specific outcome.

5. Showcase your skills

List your skills and expertise on your profile under the ‘Skills’ section. Be specific and include skills which are relevant to your current role and what you’re wanting to achieve with your career. For example, you could include Management, Leadership, Employee Relations, or Team Building. Keywords and skills on your profile help you appear in searches and make your profile more discoverable. Be sure to ask people to endorse these skills if they can attest to them, as this will really help you build a strong profile!

6. Education & certifications matter

Don’t forget to update your educational background and any certifications you’ve acquired. It adds credibility and gives a holistic view of your qualifications as well as offering a timeline demonstration of your career progression.

7. Recommendations add credibility

Reach out to colleagues, mentors, or clients for recommendations. These testimonials validate your skills and work ethic, making your profile more trustworthy.

8. Share engaging content

Sharing articles, thoughts, or industry news on your feed is a great way to add detail to your profile about what you’re interested in without having to create content yourself. Engage with your connections by commenting on their posts, especially if you see someone in your team/company has achieved something great. It shows that you’re active and involved in your professional community.

9. Keep it fresh & updated

Update your profile regularly. Whether it’s a new skill, a project you’ve worked on, or an achievement, keep your profile reflecting your current professional self. This will help get you noticed by those on your wavelength.

10. Network, network, network

Lastly, connect with people in your industry. Networking is the heart of LinkedIn, so don’t be shy! Join groups, participate in discussions, and grow your network. LinkedIn offers free access to potential mentorships, new job leads, company information, and industry trends. So, whether you’re actively seeking a new job or are just interested to see what’s going on in your industry, LinkedIn offers you a real-time, live view of the market and any changes in it.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your personal brand canvas. Keep it polished, authentic, and engaging to attract opportunities and foster meaningful professional connections.

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t just an online CV; it’s your digital brand, first impression, and snapshot of your professional journey. So, take the time to update and curate it regularly.

You can connect with Anna here for further hints & tips as well as the latest vacancies at Jet2.com & Jet2holidays.