LinkedIn hints & tips from the Talent Acquisition team

Jen Clegg is the Talent Acquisition Partner for some of our Commercial teams in Head Office and has 8 years of recruitment experience covering IT, Corporate & Customer Service.

Here she talks about how you can use LinkedIn effectively during your job search.

LinkedIn is one of the best and most valuable tools you can use for your job search & it’s a big part of how we, as an Internal recruitment team find suitable candidates here at LinkedIn is our biggest recruitment tool for sourcing candidates & so it’s important you’re catching the attention of recruiters and companies looking for candidates.

Update your profile

It starts with an appropriate profile picture that portrays you in the best light. Remember you can use LinkedIn to showcase your own personal brand – how do you want others to see you? Use the summary section to sell yourself & make your experience come to life. Don’t forget to update your current role with any new skills/responsibilities you start to undertake.

Be Active

Simple but effective. Share relevant content on your profile, interact with brands you like & the company you’re wanting to apply to & don’t be afraid to connect. With LinkedIn being all about networking, you’ll probably find your connection is more likely to be accepted if you include a brief message on who you are and why you’re connecting.

Open to work

Be sure to use the banner. Though optional, recruiters have tools to filter their searches for readily available candidates or candidates that could be open to considering a career move. You can also keep it confidential so only recruiters can see this, it’s a safe option if you’re currently in employment and don’t want your existing employer to know that you’re looking for a new role.

Keep it relevant

Just like updating your cv, put your experience in ascending order – start with what you’re up to right now, only go as far back as relevant. If you currently work in Marketing & want to stay in that field for your next career move, you don’t need to go in to detail about the bartending job that saw you through Uni.

Set up job alerts

Set these up to receive notifications about new opportunities that match what you’re looking for. Actively apply to relevant positions and follow companies you’re interested in for updates.

Request Recommendations

Don’t be afraid to request recommendations from anyone who can vouch for your skills and work ethic, make sure to return the favour though!

You can connect with Jen here for further hints & tips as well as the latest vacancies.