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Sustainable air travel and package holidays

Travel and tourism are a force for good in the world. As one of the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly airlines, we are proud about the joy we bring to people’s lives by helping them Create Memories on their well-deserved break. Or the value our work creates Being Present in communities at home and abroad, both economically and socially.

We know that there is an environmental impact associated with aviation and we want to Take Responsibility. This is why, we are really proud of Jet2 Net Zero, our first ever sustainability strategy, which is a major milestone for us and continues the hard work we have already carried out in this area in the past.

Leading the way

We are launching this strategy from a strong place. Over the last decade, we have made major improvements to how we fly, from our efficient flying programme, waste reduction scheme and the electrification of our ground fleet. It means we are already an industry leader when it comes to CO₂ emissions. With emissions of 67g CO₂ per passenger kilometre in 2019/2020 we were one of the most efficient airlines in Europe & ranked 11th most environmentally efficient airline in the world, out of more than 200, by atmosfair.

Working As One Team we have significantly reduced our impact on the environment, but we now are going one step further to take a leading role in sustainability within the sector. We’re committed to sustainability at every stage of the journey our customers take with us, as well as the journey the business is on, working to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Our commitments

New aircraft

We’re investing billions in new aircraft, with our deal to purchase up to 60 new and more efficient Airbus A321 NEO aircraft. Investing in newer, more efficient aircraft is important for reducing our fuel consumption.

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We’re investing in using more sustainable fuel for flying by 2026.

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Carbon offsetting scheme

We are launching one of the world’s biggest airline carbon offsetting schemes. From 2022, this scheme will offset all emissions not already covered by our contribution to existing schemes, such as the global Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), or government carbon-pricing mechanisms like the EU or UK Emissions Trading Systems.

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Our offices will be carbon neutral from 2022.

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Ground service equipment

Over 50% of our ground service equipment will be zero carbon by 2023, and all ground handling will be net zero overall. We will also continue to expand our Jet2 electrification programme so that as much equipment as possible contributes to reducing our ground-based emissions.

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Customers’ carbon

We’ve worked with independent partners to ensure that our offsets will be delivered through the most impactful means possible – for example, by investing in the growth of renewable energy around the world.

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We’ve removed 9 million items of plastic from our aircraft fleet on an annual basis already. We are aiming to remove a further 11 million per year by 2023, which will reduce our plastic use by 80% compared with 2019. We’ll also be recycling more, measuring our current on-board waste levels and introducing new targets next year.

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All of the above means that when a customer chooses to fly with us, they emit significantly less carbon than when they choose most other airlines. All while helping to invest in renewable energy around the world.