Meet The Team

Gemma - Jet2holidays

Resort Customer Helper

I joined Jet2holidays in February 2017 as a Resort Customer Helper in Beautiful Benidorm!

I was looking after 10 hotels in the beginning but have moved to a new location in Benidorm called Magic Robin Hood. I have helped to oversee some big improvements.

As a Customer Helper it is always nonstop including welcome meetings, daily hotel visits and assisting our customers with any queries or problems they encounter ensuring they have a lovely holiday!

I love my team, I have my memory wall in the Service Centre which has grown over the season and each week I add images that the team send me as well as images that I capture.

As the Summer season closed I took on the role of Team Leader in November for our new winter Contact Centre based in Benidorm very exciting times ahead.

I love Jet2Holidays because there is so much opportunity for promotion and personal growth. I have found my true vocation.

Micki - Cabin Services

Head of Cabin Services

I joined as Cabin Services Manager in February 2001, when the Company was operating as Channel Express and based at Bournemouth. I continued to head up Cabin Crew Operations when started flying out of Leeds in 2003, and relocated here in 2007.

In Summer 2016 we operated with over 1,100 Cabin Crew. I oversee the recruitment, training and the management of all our colleagues across 9 Bases. While I am based at Low Fare Finder House, Leeds Bradford International Airport, I also travel to all the bases regularly to keep in touch with the Cabin Crew Base Managers there, and stay up to date with local operations. From time to time I also fly as an operational Cabin Crew member; this keeps me up to date with the challenges and successes that the Crew have on board.

Having been with the Company since our inaugural passenger flight back in 2001, I feel very honoured to have played an integral part in the continued development of Our unique, award winning Cabin Services sets us apart from our competitors and I am passionate about ensuring that our Cabin Crew maintain their capability and motivation to deliver a great customer experience. 's working environment is fast-paced and provides constant challenges. No day is ever the same and you have to be ready to handle anything that comes your way on the day. It's a very exciting and rewarding Company that is constantly looking to the future and always striving to be ahead of the competition.

Jorge - Ground Operations

Station Manager Alicante

In 2007 I joined as a Supervisor Agent, before advancing to Duty Manager in 2008, and then becoming Station Manger in 2010.

My responsibilities include managing and motivating my Team, finding cost effective solutions, efficient staff rostering, operational planning, monitoring security procedures and making quick tight deadline decisions, all whilst providing excellent customer service. It is a full-on role and I enjoy the challenges I face every day.

I revel in the working environment, and appreciate the atmosphere of the Airport and the atmosphere that the customer creates. I take pleasure in ensuring our customers get to and from the aircraft safely, and seeing that they are happy to be enjoying their holidays.

Marcus - Engineering

Hangar Crew Chief

As Hangar Crew Chief, my main role is to co-ordinate the maintenance of our aircraft coming into the Hangar at Leeds. I am responsible for the allocation of manpower to ensure that maintenance is carried out safely and efficiently to the highest standard possible. We have many departments that help us achieve these high standards, and one of my roles is to ensure the correct information is passed on to the Teams on the shop floor.

There is always variety in this role, and I have been to some wonderful places including Budapest, Toulouse and Montpellier. I enjoy the responsibility I am entrusted with, and admire the Company's willingness to invest in people. It really has helped me realise my potential and I aim to carry on this path.

Working in the Hangar at Leeds has a really good vibe, we work hard and it's always busy but we never fail to see the humour in everything. We do work long shifts, including nights, but we all muck in, help each other out and get the job done.

Before I came to I worked as a Mechanic for FLS Aerospace in Manchester. The majority of my work involved the Aircraft interiors, which gave me a strong appreciation of how important the high standards of appearance are for the customers flying on our aircraft.

Selina - Finance

Finance Manager - Treasury Operations

I joined Jet2 in November 2011 and was initially recruited on a fixed term contract to cover maternity leave for one of the company's financial accountants. Upon the return of the financial accountant my contract was extended and my role became more project and systems based, including testing and live deals input into Sungard, the company's treasury management system (TMS). I was appointed on a permanent contract in June 2013. Having shown ability in relation to the company's existing systems my role has become more forward looking. Apart from my involvement in the development, maintenance and improvement of the company's new TMS system, some of my key tasks and project work include the setting up of Merchant Acquirers, assisting in Jet2's extra inventive IT development project, and exploring opportunities for the implementation of Swift for corporate payments system.

I am keen to progress and actively push to take on more challenging project work and additional responsibilities. Jet2 is a very fast moving company and there are always projects with which I can get involved which I really enjoy as it helps develop my skills and knowledge whilst providing a varied, challenging and enjoyable workload. Jet2 are also supporting me in further professional qualifications with the hope of obtaining the AMCT qualification, which is a treasury based qualification. I believe this course / qualification will give me an enhanced skills base including a broad knowledge of corporate finance, risk management and specialist treasury activities such as foreign currency exchange deals and commodity hedging, including fuel. I am looking forward to using the theoretical knowledge gained in real life day to day work. The treasury function is one of the business' most critical aspects and can have a significant impact on the company's working capital management and bottom line. With an improved skill set I believe this helps me move on in the right career direction and can give me an even greater positive impact for Jet2.

Josie - Human Resources

Senior Telephone Interviewer

I joined in January 2015 as a Telephone Interviewer before being promoted to Senior Telephone Interviewer in March 2017.

We receive 1000's of applications every year and I am responsible for the screening and telephone interviewing of suitable candidates for our large volume campaigns (Cabin Crew, Ground Operations and Jet2holidays Overseas Operations Teams), as well supporting the recruiters with individual roles. As a senior, I also provide coaching and training to the Telephone Interview Teams both here in the UK and Overseas.

One of the best things about working in my team is that we are the first point of contact for candidates. As a Senior Telephone Interviewer, I am there to answer any questions candidates have and give a great first impression of the business. Within recruitment we are a really close knit team and we work together to support each other and lend a hand which is important when we get into the peak of our recruitment campaigns!

My colleagues, work together, not only in my team but across the wider business in the UK and Overseas to make sure we are able to deliver the VIP customer experience. We put the customer at the heart of everything we do here at and Jet2holidays.

Adeola - IT

Trainee Service Analyst

I joined in July 2016 as a Trainee Service Analyst.

As a Trainee Service Analyst, my role reports to the Application Service Delivery Manager - IT Services. I work closely with the rest of the IT Service Management Team across a range of environments from Service Design and Transition to Infrastructure and Hardware configuration. I am involved in the delivery, availability and support of multiple business critical systems which impact key areas such as Engineering, Operations Control, Crew Control, Ground Operations, Contact Centre and Safety. In addition, I assist to manage the resolution of all non-eCommerce issues including escalation to appropriate senior management. I work with a team of brilliant and supportive colleagues who have contributed to my growth and that of the team since I began here at and Jet2holidays. Every day at work is unique and I look forward to each day and new opportunities. Working at and Jet2holidays also provides me the opportunity to advance my IT and Service management skills to the next level.

Beth - Customer Services

Customer Service Team Leader

I started with and Jet2holidays as a Customer Service Executive on the EU261 Team, who deal with flight delays. I was promoted to Customer Service Team Leader in December 2016, after 8 months of being with the business.

As a Customer Service Team Leader, it is my job to ensure that things are put right for our customers on the rare occasion that they go wrong. We pride ourselves on being friendly and professional and it is our aim to ensure that our customers have an overall positive experience with Jet2.comand Jet2holidays. I am one of four Team Leaders, and my team is made up of Customer Service Executives and Customer Service Administrators. Each team is Destination based, and along with my team, I look after all Canaries based correspondence. I liaise with both customers and other areas daily basis to ensure that all correspondence is dealt with appropriately and to ensure that we offer the best possible resolution for our customers.

I enjoy working in the Customer Service Team as no two days are the same - we see a great range of correspondence from our customers and it's always good when we can resolve an issue. We ensure, through our correspondence, that the customer has a positive view of and Jet2holidays. I also enjoy liaising with other areas of the business, we speak to everyone from Ground Ops to Hotel Managers to Marketing and it's great to have these working relationships. My colleagues in Customer Service are all fab too and the support from Management is amazing.

I love my time at Jet2.comand Jet2holidays as on a personal level, everyone is pushed to ensure that they meet their potential. Every person I have met whilst working here has been friendly and approachable and there really is a positive working atmosphere. Although I have only been with the business a relatively short period of time, it's great to see that it is rapidly expanding and that hard work pays off!

Chris - Customer Services

General Manager – Customer Service & Data Control

I came to as a Customer Service Supervisor and have been promoted several times since joining, most recently into the role of General Manager - Customer Service & Data Control.

I am responsible for the combined Customer Service Team for and Jet2holidays. We get a very low percentage of complaints compared with the number of customers who travel with us but occasionally, when things do go wrong it is our job to put it right and make sure that the customer wants to travel and go on holiday with us time and time again.

I am supported by a Customer Service Manager and 4 Team Leaders who each have a team of Customer Service Advisors and Administrators. We are always looking to improve and constantly review our policies and procedures to make sure we are offering the best service we can to our customers. We use the feedback we get from our customers to report back to the business to resolve any consistent issues that are highlighted.

In addition I am responsible for the Jet2holidays Data Control Team where I am supported by the Data Control Manager and 3 Team Leaders. The Data Control team is responsible for the audit and maintenance of our hotel contracts in addition to stock inventory management. The team hold a pivotal role in the On Sale process.

I have a great Team of people across both my areas and enjoy that no two days are the same. My Team has grown significantly in line with the business and it has been a really exciting time over the last few years working for a fast paced, exciting and growing company. Colleagues at and Jet2holidays really make the difference and even though it is now such a large business it hasn't lost the small Company, friendly feel.

Debbie - Operations

Travel Services Manager

I joined the Company initially on a temporary contract working in Manchester. Within 6 months I was offered a full time position as a Crewing Controller and a year later I was promoted to Crewing Supervisor. In July 2013 I was promoted to Travel Services Manager.

Having worked in aviation for the past 23 years I really feel at home working for The Company is very much a people Company and has a really good future ahead of it. There are always opportunities for progression.

I manage a team of 8 Travel Service colleagues who oversee the Travel Service and Business Travel requirements for all Air Crew and colleagues. We ensure that all Hotel and Transport arrangements have been managed and booked in line with our cost conscious approach.

My role as Travel Service Manager is great as I thrive working in the Operations environment and love to meet different people which I get plenty of opportunity to do with all the potential business clients and internal colleagues I liaise with. Each day is different and presents a new challenge which keeps the work varied and exciting.

Lee - Jet2holidays - Operations

General Manager - Overseas Western Mediterranean

I joined Jet2holidays in November 2016. I am responsible for the West Mediterranean for Jet2holidays Overseas Operations which involves strategic planning, securing future budgets, resource planning, leading a team of Regional Managers and responsible for the overall customer service promise and delivery to ensure our customers are receiving only the highest standards in service from the moment they arrive into Destination.

I have worked in the travel industry from the age of 16 years old and lucky to gained experience in many different sectors from retail, overseas operations, ecommerce and airports.

Working as part of the Overseas Operations team is not only exciting and rewarding, it is also upbeat and a great environment to work in that leaves you wanting to do only the best to push the whole department and ourselves forward with a One Team approach. I strongly believe I am working with some of the best people in the industry where we all encourage each other to deliver with not only the customer in mind but also the brand and company overall.

Working for and Jet2holidays is truly motivating for me as an individual, it is extremely fast paced, dynamic and challenging where you have to consistently think out of the box, giving the ability to be creative to achieve objectives. Having worked for various travel companies I can be very confident saying Jet2holidays have the customer at the forefront of decisions which ensures we deliver package holidays you can trust.

Andrea - Overseas Contracting

Overseas Contracting - Contracts Manager

I joined Jet2holidays as a Contracts Manager in September 2009 after having experience within the Travel Industry for over 17 years. In my role as Contracts Manager for Jet2holidays I am responsible for looking at hotels and making sure they are at the standard and safety level we expect and want for our Jet2holidays customers. I liaise with hotel owners and overseas agents, discuss how many rooms we can sell and negotiate the prices and terms we pay for these rooms.

Seeing our customers creating memories on holiday in the great new hotels we have introduced, as well as talking to hotel owners and overseas agents, is what makes my role so exciting.

The people I work with are brilliant with their positive attitude and integrity. It is fantastic to see the positive influence that Jet2holidays has on the industry.

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