Pilot Lifestyle at Jet2.com

We recognise the importance of lifestyle to Pilots and how much of a difference even the small things can make. As well as the safe and efficient technical operation of our Aircraft, our Pilots play a vital role in the experience our customers have on board – that’s why we want you to have a stable, sustainable lifestyle and enjoy your flying!

Some of the key lifestyle elements our Pilots have are:
• Stable basing in one of our 10 UK Bases
• A transparent base transfer policy – we always aspire to enable a move to your base of choice as soon as operationally possible
• Mostly 2 sector days and home each night
• Fantastic, varied flying to over 70 destinations including large international hubs such as Paris and Barcelona, far flung Greek Islands as well as winter destinations such as Chambery and Innsbruck

Spotlight on... Pilot Healthcare benefits

Colleague health & wellbeing is vital to us – we’ve worked hard to ensure we provide a well-rounded set of benefits and resources for our Pilots.

We offer all our Pilots comprehensive Private Healthcare Coverage, available immediately on joining the business.

This includes a ‘Medical History Disregarded’ provision, meaning the policy is as inclusive as possible.

This benefit is closely linked to our provision of an industry leading Pilot Support Programme, put in place to support you in recognising, coping and overcoming any concern which may negatively affect your ability to fly.

We also provide access to dedicated Wellbeing resources to provide help across a range of potential issues, such as anxiety in the SIM or mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Pilot Rosters

A Pilot’s roster is often the central focus of day-to-day life and has a huge impact on the quality of lifestyle. We’ve worked hard to ensure our Pilots can deliver a busy operational schedule whilst maintaining a sustainable roster.

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Experienced Pilot Recruitment is LIVE

We are delighted to open our Pilot Recruitment campaign for Summer '23!

We have opportunities across many of our Bases and Aircraft Fleets as we start recruiting ahead for the Summer '23 season. All of our vacancies will be advertised on the careers site and assessments will start at the end of June.

We are proud to work for Jet2.com and hope you will join us in the next stage of our journey!

Career Paths and Development

Career advancement at Jet2.com is based on merit and not seniority, meaning a competitive time to Command and a wide variety of other opportunities in addition to your day to day flying. Many of our Pilots undertake additional duties and such a meritocracy provides many rewarding career opportunities.

Depending upon your interests, ambitions, talent and skills, and with help and guidance from your Pilot Base Manager, you have the opportunity to progress in five different specialisations. These include Management, Training, Standards, Technical or Safety fields.

Opportunities are explored in depth within the Through Life Crew Development Road Map and vacancies listed on the Internal Colleague Jet2.com Careers website.

• Excellent ‘merit-based’ Command opportunities – 47 upgrades confirmed in the past year
• Over 35 roles in management, training, standards, technical and safety that aircrew can aspire to through the course of their career
• Provision of colleague development courses to support career ambitions